How could educational vouchers affect Springfield school district?

As President Trump begins to reveal more and more of his plans for his presidency, the controversial Republican continues to turn heads, especially with his pick for educational secretary Betsy Devos. Devos, an outsider to the American school system, is also a strong supporter of school vouchers, which many believe could be crucial to the downfall … Continue reading How could educational vouchers affect Springfield school district?

Political weekly wrap up: debate edition

The past two weeks marked the first presidential and vice-presidential debates. Between income inequality and cyber warfare, important policy issues of the candidates were finally put head to head. The first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump was held at Hofstra University in New York. Topics for the debate … Continue reading Political weekly wrap up: debate edition

Political weekly wrap up: edition 4

Trump Foundation Scandal The past week has unloaded a slur of controversy for the Trump campaign, after an article published last Tuesday by The Washington Post accused Trump of spending donations to the Donald J. Trump Foundation to settle his legal disputes. The story describes how Trump spent over $250,000 of the charity's money to pay business fees. The … Continue reading Political weekly wrap up: edition 4

Political weekly wrap-up: edition 3

Hillary Pneumonia Scare After being helped into her van at a 9/11 ceremony on Sunday, the Clinton administration released statements revealing that the Democratic presidential nominee has pneumonia. Clinton left the ceremony early, before stumbling towards her van and eventually collapsing, receiving help from personal aides to enter the vehicle. Although the Clinton administration originally … Continue reading Political weekly wrap-up: edition 3

Political weekly wrap-up: 2nd edition

Russia Main Suspect In Election Breach The past few months, multiple election hacks have been uncovered across the nation. The U.S. has launched an investigation with Russia as the prime suspect. The Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., is leading the investigation. The FBI and other officials are also looking into potential cyber threats. … Continue reading Political weekly wrap-up: 2nd edition

Political Weekly Wrap-Up

Trump Contradicts Himself The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for Trump supporters, as the Republican Presidential Nominee made many contradicting statements on his stance on immigration. The swirl of opinions began last Monday on "The O'Reilly Factor," when Trump praised former President Bush and President Obama's immigration laws, people Trump has attacked multiple times in … Continue reading Political Weekly Wrap-Up