The Senator is the newspaper for Springfield High School in Springfield, IL. A paper edition is sold monthly at Springfield High for 25 cents to students and staff members.  Families of Springfield High students can also purchase a subscription of the monthly paper edition of the newspaper.

Our newspaper at Springfield High is a daily class presented to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. However, The Senator does not receive grants from the school or from the district. Thus, every time a newspaper is published the money for the issue comes directly from a newspaper account. All around the United States, newspaper classes are dropped for lack of funding. Here at Springfield High, our newspaper has been selling issues for almost a century. If you would like to help keep The Senator alive, contact us on Twitter @SHSTheSenator or email us at thesenatornewspaper@gmail.com.

Advisor – Ms. Lydia Negele


Editor – Molly Harms

Editor – Sidney Harney

Editor – Emily Hartman

Sam Brower

Mackenzie Devlin

Lindsey Gietl

Anna Lamsargis

Niamh Mahoney

Paige Oschwald

Priya Patel

Emily Powers

Brooke Thompson

Lilly Wright