Review of Senior Recognition Night

For those of you who have not seen the Senior Recognition Night video, I recommend watching it to find out if you have won any scholarship awards or other individual awards. That being said, if you are not a favorite of the school or in the top 20 of the senior class, do not expect to get any recognition. Now there are a few exceptions, but this awards ceremony was mostly about highlighting the few, not the many. 

On one hand, it was very nice to have Senior Recognition Night since senior year has essentially been cancelled. I like how they included photos and names and attempted to make the best of the situation. I also liked getting to see the teachers talk and hand out awards since the seniors may not see them again. The speeches were also a nice touch and it meant a lot, considering everything the Class of 2020 has been through this year. Granted, these things probably occur during every Senior Recognition Night, but I think it meant more this year because of the current situation. I want to recognize the hard work and say thank you to the school, administrators and teachers for making it happen! 

On the other hand, awards ceremonies should attempt to honor as many people as possible instead of honoring the same few people multiple times. I find it difficult to believe that in a school of 1500 students, only a handful of people are eligible to sweep the majority of the awards. If year after year, only a few students receive the majority of the awards and are deserving of them, then obviously we need to take an in-depth look at the awards and potentially increase the variety of awards given so they can include more students. Another way to try and combat the one-student-wins-all system is putting a limit on the amount of individual awards a student can receive. There are more than enough students who would be good candidates for some of the individual awards. All this writer wants is for everyone to be recognized for their efforts over the last four years. 

One more piece of confusion associated with the awards ceremony is that some of the awards seem to be given arbitrarily and unjustifiably. While each award probably has different criteria, it would be helpful if students were made aware of what is required for each honor. This would help students understand why they did or did not earn something, instead of wondering why their friends and peers earned an award and they did not even though they feel just as qualified.

Overall, there were some good and bad elements to the Senior Recognition video, but it is important to realize the Class of 2020 will be one for the history books. We have had our best memories taken away and, despite the challenges, are still able to enjoy a few components of a regular semester. Ultimately, I want to thank the Class of 2020 for all the memories and, if you did not get recognized during the awards ceremony, your newspaper would like to recognize and thank you for everything you have done for the school!

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