Ranking underrated Disney content

Written by Priya Patel

Because of all of the extra time on my hands, I decided to get a subscription to Disney’s new streaming app, Disney+. It comes in handy for families who have kids, or adults who just want to take a trip down memory lane. Disney+ has it all, from classic Mickey Mouse cartoons that are black and white, to action-packed Marvel superhero movies, so it can be used by anyone. As I was perusing the selections, I stumbled across movies and shows I forgot even existed. This led to me seething about the fact that so my favorite childhood titles do not get the recognition that they deserve. While the princesses and superheroes are very alluring, and the major movies are always best sellers, the minor films with fascinating side characters deserve just as much love. I decided to rank the most underrated Disney shows and movies. These lists are not in any particular order. My top ten for both categories are as follows:



  1. “BOLT”- This is such a classic tale and overall just makes you feel good. It deserves so much more credit than it receives.
  2. “Cadet Kelly”- This Disney Channel Original Movie is so heartwarming. It has humor, action and so much excitement. It is a movie every child should watch.
  3. “Descendents”- This is a trilogy about the children of Disney villains and honestly should have come out on the big screen. These movies are genius and the idea behind them is amazing. 
  4. “The Emperor’s New Groove”- This movie is such a classic, but so underrated! It has so many good one liners, I was laughing the whole time. 
  5. “G-Force”- This movie is fantastic. Guinea pig spies. Enough said.
  6. “Halloweentown”- This is the perfect blend of scary and whimsical. It is definitely one of my favorite Halloween movies. 
  7. “The Parent Trap”- This a rom-com at its most pure. “The Parent Trap” makes you feel good and Lindsay Lohan was adorable.
  8. “Stuck in the Suburbs”- This movie was laugh-out-loud funny and does not get the credit it deserves. Watch it immediately.
  9. “Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior”- This is just a 10/10 movie that I forgot even existed. It takes me back to simpler times. A classic.
  10. “Zenon”- This is hilarious to actually watch in the 21st century. This should have been a blockbuster. 



  1. “Austin & Ally”- This is what I consider one of the last good shows on Disney Channel. The songs are actually amazing and I still listen to Ross Lynch.
  2. “Dog Whisperer”- This is a National Geographic show, but it is SO worth the watch. Cesar Milan is a genius and any dog owner should live by his rules.
  3. “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”- Aside from its obnoxiously long name, this show is amazing. I was very skeptical because it was a Disney+ original, but it exceeded my expectations. It does not hold a candle to the HSM movies, though. 
  4. “KC Undercover”- Zendaya can do absolutely no wrong. A show about a teenage spy? We need that.
  5. “Kim Possible”- I cannot stress this enough: this show is the best on Disney+ and I am so upset more people do not agree. 
  6. “Lizzie McGuire”- Lizzie is so relatable, even if you are no longer 13. It is a must see for anybody and everybody.
  7. “The Proud Family”- This show is a classic and many people forget about it. It will crack you up and you will fall in love with the characters. 
  8. “Shake It Up”- The outfits and the dancing alone are enough reasons to watch this show. Zendaya and Bella Thorne are just added bonuses. 
  9. “Sonny With a Chance”- This show is the craziest, most random thing, but will have you hooked. I binged every episode in a week.
  10. “That’s So Raven”- This is a Disney Channel classic, but more people should watch it. The show only gets better with age, trust me.


With summer coming up and even more free time to look forward to, make the investment in Disney+. It is a super fun way to relive some of your favorite childhood memories from home! Stay safe and healthy by getting the app and binge-watching these underrated shows and movies. I promise, it will be worth your time. Some things just do not get the clout they deserve, so I hope I shed light on some insanely good films and shows that are worth watching!

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