‘Money Heist’: Netflix’s captivating, fast-paced series

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

As your boredom continues due to the quarantine extension you may be running out of things to keep you entertained. You may have watched Tik Tok all day or watched the same show multiple times. I have a new Netflix show you should binge on this long corona vacation. “Money Heist” is a show that is fast-paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It will keep you hooked and soon you will realize you are not able to stop watching. Everything that happens in this show is unpredictable and you never know what is going to happen next. There is never a dull moment, as something new is always occuring.

“Money Heist” begins with a criminal mastermind, The Professor, gathering eight people to help him with his great plan. His plan is to pull off the biggest heist in history by printing billions of euros at the Royal Mint of Spain. The robbers take hostages to help them achieve the heist and negotiate with the police to get what they want. This group of robbers goes along with the plan while overcoming many obstacles that The Professor has prepared them for. This show makes you root for the robbers and hope they all make it out alive with the money. As the show progresses, The Professor and the group of robbers attempt to save a member of their gang who was caught by the police and tortured. They then start a war with the police, who are soon portrayed as the antagonists in the show. There are many sad, happy and terrifying moments in “Money Heist” that intrigue you to continue watching. You could also learn some Spanish while binge watching this show because it was made in Spain. 

Instead of watching the same shows over and over again, try watching “Money Heist” on Netflix. You will not regret watching it and soon it will become one of your favorite shows. “Money Heist” includes many heart-warming and scary scenes, so the show will not disappoint you.

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