Entertainment during quarantine

Written by Sam Brower

With the quarantine happening, now is a great time to watch shows you have always said you would watch. You can also prepare yourself for new movies since most of them have been delayed and pushed back by watching the Marvel movies or binging all the Star Wars movies on Disney+. You can also read a book you never found time to finish, or play video games for hours of enjoyment. It may seem like there is nothing to do, but you might end up finding a show you like on Netflix or an old Disney movie you have not seen in awhile on Disney+. 

Another suggestion is to get caught up on sleep now since you no longer have to wake up early. You can also play with your pets or, if you do not have any pets, you can go outside and enjoy the warm weather. Make sure you are staying six feet apart if you go for a walk or anywhere else. If that is not what you are looking for, you can always put together one of the puzzles that are probably lying around your house.  

 If you want to watch something new, there are still a few new shows coming out that are almost ready to be released or have already been released recently. One new show is from the creators of the popular series “Rick and Morty” called “Solar Opposites.” Is about an alien family that crashes on Earth and is just trying to blend in and live normally. “Solar Opposites” has the same feeling as “Rick and Morty” with random adventures always going on. There are numerous things you can do whilst quarantining and, if you get bored, you can always call a friend and remind yourself that this is not going to last forever even though it may feel that way.    


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