Staying physically active at home

Written by Emily Powers

If you go to the gym regularly, then you are probably having a rough time coping with quarantine. Even though we are stuck at home, now is the perfect time to get a head start on your summer body and focus on physical health! With social distancing and the closing of gyms, it is very easy to lay on the couch and watch Netflix from the time you wake up until you go to sleep again. As nice as that sounds, watching Netflix all day will start to become a bad habit and have a negative effect on your health. Exercising regularly is an important part in having a healthy immune system. It is a great time to take control of your health and fit exercises into your daily schedule. 

You should aim for at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day, but make sure not to overdo it. Overworking your body can actually lead to weight gain in some cases. On a nice day, you can go outside for a bike ride, which is a great boost to your mood and immune system. If you do not own a bike, go for a run or walk around the block. It is okay to go outside during quarantine as long as you continue to practice social distancing and follow the other guidelines on how to protect yourself and those around you. For example, if you want to run, your neighborhood is a good place to exercise because you do not have to travel to get there and you can easily distance yourself from others.  If it happens to be a bad day outside you, can always take advantage of online workout classes. Many classes are free and can be found on YouTube. 

Whether you are using numerous online sources or spending extra time outside, you can continue to stay active. Get off the couch, enjoy physical activities and remember the necessary rules of social distancing!

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