Brooke’s near death experience

Written by Brooke Thompson

One regular Monday afternoon, my friend and I were driving down to Lake Springfield to watch the sunset. We had just come from Sonic and got on the highway so we could take the exit to the lake. Out of the blue, my friend asked me what I thought the worst way to die would be. I responded with a few different dreadful answers and then proceeded to ask her the same question. She said the worst way to die would be from a traumatic car crash. I agreed that it would be a gruesome way to pass. 

It was starting to get a little dark out and we noticed there were no deer outside. My friend asked, “Where are all the deer?” As I looked around, I saw there were none in sight and wondered the same thing, considering how we usually saw deer in the woods at that time, which was about seven at night. I was starting to feel a little weird about things, especially with the way our conversation was going. I did not know why she brought up the discussion about dying, seeing that it came out of nowhere. 

On the way home from the lake, I got back onto the highway, blasting music with my friend in the passenger seat. There was a semi-truck in front of us that was going too slow, so I decided to pass it and I merged into the left lane. As I passed it, I noticed something run across the highway. Then, all of the sudden, I saw two deer right in front of me, not moving. I immediately slammed on my brakes, trying to slow down as much as I could so I would not hit the deer. I started screaming and immediately feared for my life. My friend looked up from her phone confused as I continued pressing on the brake as hard as I could. I started to swerve because I did not want to hit the two deer in front of me. Just before we were about to run smack into the two deer, they ran out of the way into the woods. I was shaking terribly and was in shock of what just happened. I realized that if I was distracted in any way, I would have hit the deer. I also realized that if the semi-truck behind us did not brake, he would have run into us from behind. We were so lucky neither of us got hurt and we did not end up in a car crash.

After this happened, the signs we looked back on were so obvious that something was about to happen. The lack of deer on our way out to the lake and the discussion about getting into a car crash led to this unfortunate event. I had a premonition of imminent disaster deep down and I am glad I kept all my attention on the road in front of me. The events of that day were surreal. I have never had an experience like that where I thought I would die. The lesson I learned is that distracted driving is the worst kind of driving and it could have been very dangerous in that scenario. One out of every four car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving, so for the sake of your family and friends, keep your eyes on the road.

One thought on “Brooke’s near death experience

  1. Always listen to your gut and pay attention to your instincts. You are very lucky! The SHS Drivers Ed teachers should make this required reading.


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