Watch ‘Criminal Minds’ to cure boredom

Stay at home orders are still in place across the United States. It has been over a month since schools closed and the coronavirus is not showing signs of clearing up in the upcoming weeks. Boredom is striking because people have run out of things to do. You may have done the same puzzle over and over or gone on three walks everyday, but have you watched the best crime show? “Criminal Minds” is the best crime television show and it happens to be available on several viewing platforms. 

This TV series follows an elite group of federal agents across the nation to stop the most notorious serial killers, rapists, terrorists and thieves. This may sound like every other crime series, but the criminals on “Criminal Minds” are some of the most psychotic, crazy people one could even imagine. The show covers storylines one would deem horrific. You might think no one would be crazy enough to actually feed their murder victims to pigs, but that actually happens in one episode of the 15-season thriller. The FBI agents use profiling skills to anticipate the “unsubs” or unknown subjects’ next move and stop the perpetrator before they strike again. Every single episode has its own crazy plot. These plots range from a child kidnapping to a serial killer who kills over 100 people before anyone realizes what is happening. 

There are several core characters who you will most definitely become attached to when you start binge-watching this series. The leader of the group, Aaron Hotchner, is a brooding father who will do anything to keep the monsters off the streets. You cannot help but admire his passion for catching the bad people. Then you have the genius of the show, Spencer Reid, who is the cute, nerdy guy you cannot help but love. He knows everything, can read a page from a book in just five seconds and has a photographic memory. Derek Morgan, the hunk of the show, is the strong, tough guy of the team. (If you are not sold yet, another reason to watch the show is to just look at Morgan’s good looks.) Penelope Garcia is the computer wizard and ultimate hacker. She can find out anything about anyone in a matter of minutes. Her quirkiness adds light to an extremely dark show. Jennifer Jareau is the team’s liaison who deals with family and press. She is often referred to as “JJ” and is the last member of the core group of agents. All these characters add to the intensity and interesting storylines of the show. 

“Criminal Minds” is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and several channels. If you are scrolling through channels, there is a good chance you will stumble upon a “Criminal Minds” marathon. Whenever you get bored in quarantine, turn on “Criminal Minds,” but if you get frightened easily, do not watch it alone or in the dark.

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