‘Bombshell’ powerfully portrays women

Written by Lilly Wright

In December 2019, the movie, “Bombshell,” was released. “Bombshell” is a reenactment of a real story in which three women, who were anchors on one of America’s most powerful news channels, handle sexual assault in the workplace. I watched this fantastic movie at the beginning of quarantine and found it very interesting.

The three anchors were played by powerful actors, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie. The real story behind the movie is the events that occurred when the CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, sexually harassed women in his workplace, many times convincing hopeful young women that it was the only way to get the job. Gretchen Carlson, played by Nicole Kidman, filed a lawsuit against Ailes in July 2016, alleging he sexually harassed her. Once the word got around at Fox News, other women harassed by Ailes felt clueless about what to do. It became a political mess, as it was a big accusation to make, and the question was raised as to whether or not other women would step forward.

The movie follows how news anchor Megyn Kelly, and fictional news producer Kayla Pospisil handle the situation while still trying to maintain their jobs and stay politically neutral. I believe this movie is as powerful as it is because it takes place when the Me Too movement was just beginning. The Me Too movement has given sexual assault and harassment victims the support they need to come forward and stand up to their aggressors. The Roger Ailes scandal was one of the first justice movements that promoted the Me Too movement. The movie did not fail to show how strong the women who came forward are by portraying them through powerful female actors. 

If you plan to watch this movie, I would suggest reading up  on the Fox News Scandal so you know the storyline, and who each character is. Each of the roles in the film are incredibly important to the story, so it is important to pay attention and keep track of what is happening as you watch.

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