Birds: what you may not know

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

Most people probably think birds are not a very intelligent species, but it turns out they are actually quite smart. These animals can adapt to new climates and environments very quickly, and they can also travel very long distances in search of food and other resources. Crows, which are considered to be creepy by some, have been studied as the smartest birds. Their brains are the size of a thumb, but are able to solve complex problems, count up to five and identify people as nice or dangerous. These birds are also capable of constructing strong relationships with humans.

The next smartest bird is the kea, which is a type of parrot from New Zealand. This bird is very clever and known for its antics. They have the ability to work together as a team to complete a task. Another bird smart type of parrot is the cockatoo. Studies have shown these birds are smarter than a four year old child. Cockatoos have the ability to mock sounds and words they hear, can see hidden objects and have the ability to track those same objects if they are placed in a different spot.

The macaw is a very colorful bird with an energetic personality. These birds are funny, entertaining, intelligent and affectionate. Macaws can be as large as four feet long and can do magic tricks. African Grey birds are known for their talking skills. These birds are acknowledged as the fifth smartest bird in the world due to their talent to pick up sounds and words quickly. They are able to learn 200 words or more and can make noises to scare away predators. These birds are considered to be smarter than a three year old. The African Grey has amazing reasoning skills, which allow them to find hidden food and other resources. 

While you may think birds are not the smartest animals, these five birds are extremely intelligent and can use their skills in many ways to help them survive. Whether these birds are working together in teams or learning new words, they are always proving their mental acuity in new, interesting ways.

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