How dogs are enjoying quarantine

Written by Emily Hartman

Since quarantine started, my dog has always had someone at home with her. That’s good for her because she’s needy and if we leave her for even a second, she loses her mind. My dog is closest to me and now I can’t leave the house without her attacking me when I get home.


Sasha, Emily’s dog

I normally work for four hours at a time and when I leave she has someone with her, so you would think she’d be fine and receive enough affection, right? This is absolutely wrong, however, she only wants my attention. When I got home from work the other day, she would not leave me alone. I thought maybe she would be okay with lying next to me while I did my homework but, she had to sit between my legs and lean into me. I swear she was trying to meld into me. Not only does she get love and affection while we are staying home with her, but she’s getting more exercise as well.

Sasha is on the heavier side and needs to lose some weight, so we have to work on playing with her more. Since almost everyone is home all the time, someone plays with her everyday. Sometimes she’s lucky and two or more people play with her. She is also getting more walks which is great because she loves them and didn’t get enough when we were all going to school and work. Truthfully, my dog has been so happy lately and that’s always a good thing because a happy dog is better than a grumpy one. 

Everyone else who has pets should take this extra time to give your pets more attention, spoil them a little and take your dogs on walks more. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a dog, that’s okay, because you can spend this time with your other pets or family members. This isn’t just a time to show love to your pets, but to everyone around you. Make their days and play with them or even just hang out with them for a while. Sometimes we get too caught up in everything around us and forget to spend time with everyone (human or animals) around us. Use this time to get closer to those in your house!

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