How to organize your Spotify account

Written by Paige Oschwald

If you are anything like me, you spend an excessive amount of time making and listening to Spotify playlists. Thanks to my recent abundance of free time at the expense of social interaction, I have been spending more time than usual organizing my account and picking up a few tips to make my profile as pleasing to the eye as possible. My account is more than just a pretty face, though. Thanks to the time I have given to this project, my profile is now neater than ever and provides complete ease when searching for a select song or playlist.

The first change I made was using Spotify’s folder feature–a complete life changer. Little did I know, Spotify includes a feature allowing one to group playlists in a folder. You will need the desktop version of the app to do this, which is available for free. Right-click the playlist you wish to group in a folder and scroll to the “create folder” tab. This method can be used on any laptop, with the exception of using the command “option” and clicking the cursor over the playlist at the same time. Follow up by dragging and dropping each selected playlist into the newly formed folder. 

Folders provide an organized way to group similar playlists, and for a person like me who makes monthly playlists, yet still wants the freedom to make additional mood playlists, the folder feature has me covered. Grouping your playlists in folders does have a downside, however, if you carry a bigger Spotify following, your followers will not be able to view your folders. This should not be a problem for most of us, though, because the majority of users utilize the app as a form of entertainment rather than to build a following. 

Another tip that is not so new, yet still considerably helpful is the photo cover option. To change the picture display for a selected playlist, you will again need to utilize Spotify’s desktop app. On the bright side, all folders and photos will translate to your mobile device if that is what you primarily use for your account. 

Begin the process by finding a photo you would like to use for your cover and saving it to your camera roll. Select the playlist and click the current display photo, which should prompt a new mini tab titled “Edit Playlist Details.” Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the image and then the available option “Replace image.” Follow up by selecting your photo of choice from your files and voila! A custom thumbnail for your playlist. 

With these organizational tips, my Spotify account is much easier to manage. Selecting a spotify - Powered by Batterycustom cover that matches the mood of the playlist helps me remember which songs were associated with each month, and folders help me assemble all my similar playlists together. You likely have plenty of time on your hands, so good luck tidying up your Spotify account!


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