Weird scholarships

Written by Lilly Wright

 It’s that time of year when seniors are scrambling to decide which college to go to and on top of that, figure out financial aid and scholarship options. Around 20% of students last year did not apply for financial aid or scholarships, and 44% of which did not do so because they thought they were not eligible. Scholarships are the most well-known form of financial aid, but most students miss out on them because they do not think they are applicable or do not know about many of them. Students that do take initiative to apply for scholarships can pay for up to all of their tuition. 

          Most colleges offer scholarships of their own that can be pretty competitive to receive, but a resource that seniors- and even juniors- can use to find scholarships is Websites like these are filled with tons of weird and unusual scholarships that most people have never heard of or would even think is a thing. One example of this is the Asparagus Club Scholarship. To apply, you must be a junior, senior, or graduate level student that is majoring in business, food management, or any degree related to a career in the retail grocery industry. The Asparagus Club gives ten $8,000 scholarships to those that apply, and chances are, no one knows about this scholarship, making it very easy to apply and receive it. If you are handy with Duct Tape and interested in receiving a $20,000 scholarship, apply for the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Challenge! All you have to do is create a prom outfit out of duct tape, and once submitted, the winner will be chosen by a live voting poll online. 

      There are other scholarships out there for people of all races, sizes, and looks. If you are a 5’10” woman or a 6’2” man, the Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship is for you! You can apply for this until you are 21, but this could help you your senior year of college! There are even scholarships for people with freckles, red hair, short people, people with divorced parents and so much more.

      All it takes is a google search and a little bit of work so receive money that can lessen your student loans later on!

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