Spring training

According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is coming early this year, which means baseball season is on the horizon. Major League Baseball’s spring training is the preseason fun both players and fans benefit. There are several reasons why spring training for MLB excites fans just as much as the regular season. 

Spring training is a series of practices and “friendly” games before the start of the regular season. Players get the chance to earn their spot on the roster and work in their respective positions. The practice gets players into shape for the long regular season. The very popular spring training for MLB starts mid-February every year. Spring training lasts all the way up to Opening Day for the MLB. Pitchers and catchers benefit most from the long training period, so they report earlier than other players. Most pitchers reported on Feb. 11, while other position players report a week later. 

Spring training consists of two leagues. The first league is the Cactus League which consists of teams like the Cubs, Reds and White Sox. The other league is the Grapefruit League with teams like the Astros, Mets and Yankees.

After emergency signings and impulse buys leading right to spring training, fans and players are more than excited for actual baseball, not just all the hype and talk.

Spring training for baseball is unlike any other sport. Baseball allows you to get up close and personal with some of your idols before the season. The National Football League, National Basketball Association and National Soccer League do not give you an opportunity like this. Spring training makes baseball special. 

Fans love going out to these spring training events in warm places like Arizona and Florida. Spring training games generally coincide with spring break, making it easier for people to travel to these warmer climates to watch these games. Fans have access to more intimate player encounters and ballparks with distinct personalities that make spring training such a unique experience. It helps that tickets are relatively cheap; you can spend more money on traveling costs rather than the actual spring training tickets. These early games are raw and give fans hope that their teams will be successful in the upcoming season. It gives fans a reason to talk about baseball and get excited after a long, boring winter of no baseball, except for the occasional updates on MLB Network. 

Spring training acts as a warm-up to the fun of the regular season. Fans are ready for winter to be over and baseball season to begin. If you are looking for something fun to do over spring break, make a trip down to sunny Florida or Arizona and watch your favorite MLB team before regular season.

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