Parties with big families

If you have a big family, getting together can be interesting. My dad is one of seven and everyone has at least two kids, some even have four. My oldest cousin also has two kids. It can get a little crazy. No one has a house big enough to fit us all so we always end up squished in a tiny house, unless we make reservations somewhere. Another problem is that it does not end early, they last forever! Over the summer or on the weekend we could all be hanging out until midnight. The earliest someone will leave is 8:00 p.m. but that does not happen often. 

Not only do these things last long but they are loud! It does not help when the houses are not really made to fit all of us, so sound echoes. With an army of children around it gets loud. They do not really know how to use their inside voices so they scream a lot, it gets old after five minutes. The males in the family are like giant kids as well so they help get all the kids hyper and that means they scream even louder. If you did not know my family it sounds like people are dying. In conjunction with the screaming, with that many people kids normally have to share toys and as most of you know that is not ok. When kids do not want to share they normally hit others, so someone always gets hurt and with that someone always gets in trouble. 

It is kind of nice that our houses are not big enough to fit us all sometimes, because everyone over the age of 12 likes to play card games and we do not have to worry about someone being excluded to watch the kids, we can just watch them as we play. With everyone running around it tends to get hot so even in the winter we wear short sleeves to these functions because you will probably be dehydrated from sweating so much if you do not. 

Even with the craziness that comes with a big family I would not trade it for the world. We are always there for each other and really funny stories come out of these. We all tend to bring out each others funny/childish sides so it is always a good time and it is nice to forget about the really world for awhile, even if you are trading it for some craziness.

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