Happiness is an act away!

Written by Lindsey Gietl

Being kind is one of the best things to be in life. You never really realize how much a few words of a nice gesture can do for someone. Being a nice person can get you so much more in life than being mean and judgemental to people. It is important to realize you never know what people are going through. 

Studies have shown that people who were kind for just seven days had a large boost in happiness. One kind act a day can help you become a more positive and happy person. But to be kind to others you sometimes need to start with yourself. Treating yourself to a nice thing every once in a while can help boost confidence and see the world in a more positive way. 

Choosing to be kind is good for your mental health and the way you see the world overall. Being nice to someone can even make their day and help them get through whatever situation they face at the time. Leading your life with kindness will make you a better and more trusted person among your friends, family and even strangers

So maybe today do a kind act and try to make someone’s day. Maybe even make it a goal to do a kind act a day and see how the world will change around you. You might even start being kind to yourself and have a brighter view in life.

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