Stay hydrated with this flavored treat!

Written by Paige Oschwald

Are you tired of flavorless, still water? If you are anything like me, you may have trouble remembering to stay hydrated with boring, room-temperature, so instead of sticking with plain water, I enjoy sparkling, flavored water. A word of caution, however: while these flavored waters may be sugar-free, many still contain sucralose, which is not the healthiest sweetener. While the beverages are not exactly healthy, they are still a solid substitute for soda so you can drink them sparingly as a treat! I consider myself a connoisseur of Sparkling ICE sparkling waters, and here are the top five best flavors. I based my findings solely off of flavor, so while these results may be a little biased, I encourage you to try each one to gage your favorite. Here are the results. 

In fifth place is the classic orange mango flavor. This drink has strong carbonation for when you need a bubbly soda fix but do not want the associated health concerns. It comes in a bold golden tone and the orange mango flavor brings the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. If you are interested in a unique and zesty flavor, orange mango is the perfect option. 

Black cherry takes fourth place. The sharp, fruity flavor is perfect for cherry lovers. The drink comes in a crimson shade of red and just like the other flavors features carbonated bubbles. Black cherry is a popular favorite and features a traditional cherry flavor great for any audience. 

Coconut pineapple lands third place. With a pale yellow color and carbonation, this drink is the perfect pick-me-up to get one thinking of an island getaway. The drink tastes strongly of sweet and tangy pineapple, with an added zing of coconut. You do not have to like the taste of coconut to enjoy this beverage as the flavor is light and mainly overpowered by pineapple. For its uniqueness as a sparkling beverage flavor, coconut pineapple takes third place. 

And the runner-up is…strawberry watermelon! If you are looking for a sweet, summery flavor, strawberry watermelon is a great choice. With bright pink coloring and a combination of two beloved fruits, there is no question that strawberry watermelon deserves second place. The flavor combination is on the unusual side, but is certainly one of the best flavors Sparkling ICE has come out with as of late. 

Finally, the winner of first place is black raspberry. The flavored beverage arrives in a deep, berry-red shade and has a universally tasty flavor. This flavor is so popular you can purchase a twelve pack of black raspberry alone, which is pretty impressive. Black raspberry is the perfect introduction to the brand, and is popular among fans.

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