Three-point contest results

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

Every year, there is a three-point contest for the girls basketball regional. Four players from each team in the regional can participate in this event. For the Springfield High girls basketball team, Kenzey Decker, Mackenzie Devlin, Shay Doty and Samantha Magalis participated in the contest. Three other schools in that regional also were a part of the contest. Each participant has 45 seconds to shoot 15 shots, five from the right wing, five at the top of the key, and five from the left wing. The top four shooters advance to sectionals. Decker made 12 out of 15 for regionals and advanced to sectionals. Along with Decker, Devlin advanced to sectionals making 8 out of 15.

Sectionals were held at Champaign Central High School on February 27. There were 16 players a part of the sectionals contest. Decker and Devlin both made 10 out of 15 shots. Just like regionals only the top four players move on to state, but five girls tied at 10 so there was a shootout. Each player had to shoot five shots from each corner and the person with the lowest number of baskets made does not get to move on. Decker made 5 out of 10 and Devlin made 7 out of 10 shots. Both of the Springfield High students are moving on to state for the three-point contest. The state competition is held at the Illinois State Redbird arena on Thursday, March 5.

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