All about Sadies

Last weekend was Springfield High’s Sadie Hawkins dance. The informal dance is between the two big dances of the year, Homecoming and Prom. This dance is slightly different than your normal high school dance. This includes the process of asking someone and the attire. Here is how Sadie Hawkins is unique. 

For your normal high school dance, the boys generally ask the girl. Although, for Sadie Hawkins the girls ask the guys. This means the girl has to make the poster and prepare the big dance proposal. Normally, the guys get really excited that they do not have to be the ones to ask the girl for once. The girls have to put in the work for this dance.

The attire is different as well. The dresses are less formal and more reserved. The guys normally wear khaki pants and a button-up shirt, instead of an entire suit. The girls dresses are more plain and fun. Prom dresses are long, but Sadies Hawkins dresses are all short and simple.

You may also be wondering how the Sadie Hawkins dance came about. This dance is named after the Li’l Abner comic strip character. The strip is about Sadie’s adventures in chasing the bachelors around town to marry. The tradition is now carried on around the United States and Canada.

The dance is not always called the Sadies Hawkins dance. In Champaign, they call the dance the Vice Versa dance. Other possible names include Girls Ask Guys, Ladies Choice Dance or Sweethearts.

Even though Sadie Hawkins was last weekend, you now know the history and facts about the dance itself.

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