The new ACT

Written by Lilly Wright

Starting in September 2020, students will be able to take individual sections of the ACT test. This means that if one were to score badly on the English section of the test but do really well on all of the others, he or she could just retake the English section, instead of the whole test. states “…these new options offer students more choices, a better experience, and greater confidence that their ACT test scores best reflect their hard work, overall academic achievement, and potential for success throughout their lives.” This is good news to the class of 2021 and younger, because this change is going into effect right before the time to apply to colleges.

In order to take the ACT section test, you must have already taken the full test at least once. The score you receive from whichever section you choose, will (hopefully) improve your score through “superscoring”.  Superscoring allows students to submit their highest scores to colleges for admission and scholarship purposes. The superscore is a recalculation which shows the highest possible composite score across multiple ACT tests and ACT section retests, reflecting the four best subject scores from each of a student’s ACT test attempts. 

Also coming in September 2020 is the option to take the test online. believes “Online ACT Testing will allow ACT’s testing experiences to better align with how today’s students often prefer to learn and the mode they prefer for testing.” These tests are still taken at approved testing centers but might be a better option for some people.

There are mixed emotions over this change, but I believe that this is a good thing because it allows students to show colleges the best that can do.

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