Is Valentine’s day worth it?

Written by Priya Patel

The most beloved and dreaded holiday for all couples is tomorrow, February 14, Valentine’s Day. It seems that every year, more and more couples have been giving extravagant gifts and big romantic gestures. From expensive cars to beautiful proposals, Valentine’s Day always brings out the “extra” gene in people. While some people think this is sweet, others say it is pure stupidity. Why dedicate an entire day to making your partner feel special when in reality, this should be the case every day.

The entire premise of Valentine’s Day is flawed. Men and women spend superfluous amounts of their hard earned money to buy cheesy presents for their significant others. This is a waste of effort, funds and does not signify anything. The worst part is, the morning of February 15, everything goes back to normal and the little love bubble that these couples have been floating in gets destroyed with one big POP. Valentine’s Day is like a big, fat pink and red bandage, covering up the wounds that exist in a relationship. The bandage is like a temporary fix that stops the emotional bleeding, but it is not the cure.

The only decent part of Valentine’s Day is that there is always chocolate on sale the week after. This holiday is just a corporate conspiracy to get poor, naive people to spend their money on useless material objects that hold no emotional benefits whatsoever. Maybe instead of buying a very expensive present this year, couples could learn to treat each other special, no matter what day of the year it is.

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