Technology diminishes trust?

Written by Lindsey Gietl

As a teen in this day in age with newer technology it is easier for parents to track their teens every move and what they do on their phone. But as these new advances come out the question arises, is it a large invasion of privacy? 

The first thing to look at in the situation is the trust built between the parents and their child. My parents and I have a good trust built, so they have never felt the need to track me or the things I do on my phone because I have never given them reason to. For other families, however, that may not be the case. In our prime teenage years we will do stupid things and make poor choices which can cause some mistrust, but it is all a part of growing up. 

Before apps such as Life 360, most parents would just punish their kids for their mistakes hoping the lesson was learned. If you do not know, Life 360 is an app parents can download on their child’s phone so they can see where they are at all times. Now they can track their children and see what they are doing after a mistake, breaking their trust.With apps like this it creates mistrust both for child and adult. Requiring this app shows the child that their parent does not trust them and his or her choices. This can create a wall between the teen and their parents. For most teens they do not feel like they can come to their parents with issues because of this heavily implied mistrust the app causes.

Kids will make mistakes. They mess up it is a part of growing up and learning how to function in the real world. Tracking kids and preventing them from making mistakes can limit the growing and learning process of becoming an adult, which can make becoming independent in the future harder for them. Parents need to learn to trust their kids and let them make mistakes and grow. No one is perfect, so do not expect your kids to be. Let them have room to grow and have a little privacy of their own.

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