First day at jobs: survival guide

Written by Paige Oschwald

Are you nervous about your first day at a new job? Here are some tips and tricks to help prepare you! 

  1. Everyone makes mistakes. Do not be afraid to mess up on your first, second or even fiftieth day on the job—it is natural! Even if mistakes may seem to be more common for you than others, remember that your employers hired you for a reason. They trust that you will try your best, even if you make a few mistakes. 
  2. Dress appropriately. If your job has a uniform or a dress code, follow the rules carefully on your first day. As you go about the day, you will get a feel for how strict the uniform is and an idea for what to wear in the future. 
  3. Know where to go. Chances are, you interviewed at your workplace, but do you know where to go on your first day? Who to speak with? Planning your route and routine before you go to work can be helpful in easing your stress and chances of getting lost. 
  4. Arrive early. Try to arrive five minutes early for your first day of a part-time shift, and maybe even earlier depending on your job. This adds cushioning to ensure you will not be late. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking for help shows you are interested in learning how to complete a task the correct way. It is not uncommon to forget how to do the task, either, so do not be afraid to ask again! Chances are, your employer or manager will prefer if you ask them again rather than fail to complete a task properly. 
  6. Befriend your coworkers. Remember, there is a good chance you will be working alongside these people for most of your time spent on the job, so do not be afraid to joke around or get to know your coworkers better. They were in the same boat as you were once! Befriending them also gives you the added benefit of having a friend and mentor in case you ever need help. 
  7. Always be prepared to help. Sometimes bosses will suggest you stay a little before or after your allotted shift time to stock up, count money or clean. Be ready to follow instructions and finish the task at hand. 
  8. Busy yourself. If you catch yourself standing around with nothing to do, ask a coworker or manager if there is a way for you to help. Time passes quicker when there is a task at hand. 

With these tips, your first day will be a breeze. You will endure challenges, but they will be worth it for the satisfaction you receive upon completing the day. Good luck!

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