Hoogland’s spectacular shows

Written by Lindsey Gietl

The downtown Hoogland Center for the Arts has put on many great productions throughout the years it has been open. This year the Hoogland hosted the marvelous show Annie Get Your Gun, from the 1946 Broadway show, later filmed in 1950 starring Betty Hutton. The story is a fictional take on the life of the famous sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. Oakley traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in the 1880’s. Throughout the musical, Oakley finds love and success as she travels with the show, displaying her shooting skills to adoring crowds. 

The Hoogland’s production of this musical was definitely one for the books. The chemistry between Annie and Frank was portrayed to near perfection. The play also had plenty of funny moments. Throughout the show, Sitting Bull’s killer one liners and hilarious facial expressions stole the audience’s laughter almost as much as the Magic Mike style dancing during “My defenses are down.” The different reactions of the audience as the actors captivated the crowd showed that Springfield actors can shock you. 

If you ever want to go out and see a play for the night, you do not even have to leave town for a good production. Catch a show at the Hoogland and be impressed with our talented local actors and actresses. 

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