New year, new laws

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

With the start of the new year there are many new laws that take effect in Illinois. There are more than 250 laws in the state, but are some important ones you should know a little about. A very popular one is the legalization of marijuana. It is legal to buy in smoke this drug if you are 21 and older. School nurses are also aloud to provide medical cannabis to students who are  registered patients of the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. Another new law ensures that sex education classes must include discussions on the meaning of consent. The law states what must be covered in those discussions, including that consent can be withdrawn at any time and that past consent does not create future consent. Another new law states that every baby born in Illinois will receive $50 in a 529-style investment account which will help pay for their future college or trade school expenses. This law is put into place to get guardians and parents to provide money for their child’s education In 2020, a single-occupancy public restroom cannot imply the use by a specific gender. Now, a new law requires these restrooms to be for all-gender use. Illinois is also strengthening Scott’s law. This law requires drivers to be cautious, slow down, and switch lanes when approaching emergency vehicles on the highway. The fines and penalties have increased starting with $250 for a first offense and $750 for consecutive violations. These are only a few new laws being enforced in the new year. These laws may affect you or they may not, but it is smart to know them. 

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