Living with Huskies: cons

Written by Sidney Harney

If you have ever wanted Siberian Husky as a pet, I highly discourage it. Sure they can be cute and seem loyal, but do not be fooled. Underneath all that fur, they are vicious creatures who do not belong in any household. 

As a Siberian Husky owner, the one constant issue that continues throughout every month of every year is the shedding. If you are getting a Husky as a pet, I suggest throwing out any black clothes you have or start investing in lint rollers. In my house, we own 15 lint rollers. You will always hear someone asking another person to pass the lint roller to rid clothes of dog hair. You are sadly mistaken if you think you can escape it. I assure you, the dog hair will end up in places you never thought it would reach. 

Another con of having a Siberian Husky as a pet would be their wolf nature. After a visit to the Emergency Room and 15 stitches in my face, I beg you not to get involved with this breed. However loving they seem and at times can be, nothing can suppress their vicious nature. Even if my Husky biting me is not enough proof, just know he has bitten several other family members and family friends at least once if not more. A Siberian Husky is no friend to man, especially not outsiders of the family as they are a very protective breed. 

Lastly, Huskies do not obey very well. My family tried desperately to train our Husky from the moment we got him. This did not work in the slightest so we resulted in paying a professional. After money wasted trying to have him trained by several different trainers, we simply gave up trying to get our alpha mentality dog to obey any commands. He can sit and lay down but no other skills have developed from any sort of training. We also thought about investing in an electric fence only to find out they do not work on Huskies. In fact, Huskies can just run right through them. Instead of an electric fence, we had to get a regular fence which now hinders the view of the beautiful cornfield I love so dearly. 

Siberian Huskies are essentially the devil in disguise. They seem flurry and petable on the outside, but on the inside they really just want food and if you have none, they will settle for human flesh. I suggest getting a Collie, Lab or Retriever. These three breeds can satisfy your need for a bigger dog and capture the hearts of everyone who sees them.

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