Netflix’s “You” captivates audiences

If you are a Netflix subscriber, the next series you may want to check out is “You.” The hit series recently released its second season and it is taking the media by storm. The main character’s obsessive nature keeps the viewer enticed and you may end up binging an entire season in one day. 

During the first season of “You,” Joe Goldberg, played by the “Gossip Girl” heartthrob Penn Badgley, obsesses over Guinevere Beck after sharing a cab with her and immediately falling in love. He stalks her constantly to get to know her and ensure no one hurts her. Joe makes it clear he will do anything for love when he gets rid of people who may pose a threat to their relationship. The first season came to a fatal end when Joe’s love became too much for his own good.

The most recent season opens up with a look back into Joe and an old friend’s past. The viewer soon realizes Joe is running from his past and he is forced to change several aspects of his life. He moves to Los Angeles to hide from his mistakes where he finds a new acquaintance, his new obsession. In the new season, he seems to be a changed man by convincing the viewers he does not want to relive negative incidents. Joe tries to stay away from his new obsession, but she insists she can handle him and the two end up together. Joe and the new girl are so in love that it reaps negative effects on other characters. The second season culminates with a shocking ending. 

The cliffhanger finale leaves things open for a possible third season. For fans of exciting drama shows, “You” is an intense love story intended for mature audiences. Once you start watching, you will not be able to stop.

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