Part-time interviews

Written by Paige Oschwald

High schoolers love spending money. With the price of college, supplies and technology, it is great to have extra money in the bank. Finding a part-time job can be a useful way to utilize your time and a reliable method for money-making. To get a part-time job, you will likely have to get through an interview or two. Here are some tips and tricks to aid you in your future part-time interviews. 

The number one trick I have learned from previous interviews is to have questions prepared beforehand for the interviewer. Pre-planning questions shows you are interested and prepared for the job, and most interviewers love answering questions after a long day of asking them. Be careful with the type of questions you ask, however, to avoid looking unprepared. Asking obvious questions such as “What job am I interviewing for?” or “Will I have to count money?” for a cashier job may make it appear as if you did not care to research the position beforehand. 

Being aware of your body language is also important. Sitting up straight, making appropriate eye contact and avoiding “talking with your hands” can radiate confidence—even if you do not feel it. Additionally, avoid setting limitations on your job duties during the interview process, such as refusing to clean the bathrooms simply because you do not want to. If you are not interested in the parts of the position you are applying for, search for a different place to apply or find a way to deal with the difficult parts. 

You will also need to prepare for your interview. This definitely includes wearing appropriate clothing. This can vary depending on your job—if you are applying at a fast food place, then formal business attire may be excessive. Be ready to answer questions about yourself, such as your hobbies, your goals for the future and the reasoning behind your application for the position. Finally, do not forget to relax. Interviews exist to get to know you and your capabilities, so there should be no reason to be anxious. 

Interviews may cause nervousness, but they are worth it if you get the job. Being prepared and presenting yourself appropriately can steer your chances of getting the job in the right direction. And remember, chances are the interviewer is just as desperate for a hard-working employee as you are for a job. Good luck with your future interviews!

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