Study spots for finals

Written by Lilly Wright

With finals creeping up, the students at Springfield High School are starting to think about what, where and when they are going to study and who they are going to study with. Springfield is home to many local coffee shops and hang outs that are perfect for focusing. 

Many of you have probably been to Panera at least once or twice to “study” for a test or quiz coming up, but Panera can become noisy and distracting very easily. When you are in a distracting place, it’s harder to focus on your studies and not the group of people that just sat down at the table next to you.. Luckily, there are places in Springfield that offer a quiet atmosphere ideal for studying.

In my opinion, one of the best places to study is W.M. Vans Coffee shop on S 7th Street. W.M. Vans is a local business that offers coffees, teas and food, along with a cozy and chill atmosphere. Insead of only chairs and tables, W.M. Vans has comfortable couches that give the whole place a homey vibe. And the people there are usually also doing work and are not just there for the food like at Panera, so they are quiet and concentrating on their own work. W.M. Vans is a fantastic place to study because it is cozy and comfortable, and you get to support a local business.

Other places include the Bean Counter, Free Press and even Caribou Coffee. Although Caribou Coffee is a chain and not a local business, their location next to Hyvee on Macarthur Avenue is a great place to study. They are pretty quiet and offer coffees and more, anything that you need to get through your study sesh. Bean Counter and Free Press offer the same things and are local businesses. Happy studying and good luck on finals!

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