Underrated Christmas movies

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

Christmas is right around the corner and instead of watching traditional Christmas movies, like Home Alone, Elf and Polar Express, try watching some new Christmas movies. These movies are entertaining and can be fun, new movies to watch with your family and friends. One good movie is “Jingle All the Way” which is about a father who travels around town trying to find a certain toy for his son. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is about a college student’s rough experience trying to get home for Christmas. He learns quite a bit about himself and the meaning of this holiday throughout the movie. Another good movie to watch is “Just Friends,” which is about a man who visits his hometown during Christmas and runs into his old high school crush. “Christmas with the Kranks” is another great Christmas movie that you should watch, which is about the Krank family whose daughter decides to skip Christmas. She soon decides to come home, which causes chaos when the family tries to celebrate Christmas last minute. “Deck the Halls” is another Christmas movie about two neighbors attempting to decorate their houses so bright it can be seen from outer space. The last movie that you should consider watching is “Four Christmases,” a couple struggles to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas. As Christmas comes closer you should consider watching this entertaining movies on the weekends or during your winter break.

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