Christmas shopping made easy!

Written by Brooke Thompson

Christmas can be a stressful and hectic time, it can be difficult finding time to shop for the perfect gift for those on your list and to stay within your budget. With the ideas provided below, it is possible to stick to your financial plan and get your shopping done with ease. Some may say that Black Friday is when you need to get all your shopping for Christmas gifts and presents for your friends and family members, but for those who do not appreciate big crowds, there are many other options. 

For shoppers looking to avoid these dreadful crowds, December 13 seems to be the best day to shop in stores according to InMarket, which has data on the most- and least-crowded days in stores. InMarket uses Bluetooth beacons to connect with shoppers’ phones. They store traffic data from 50 million consumers from last year’s holiday shopping period. Right in the middle of the month, December 13 is too late for early shoppers and too early for those who like to wait till the last minute. 

If you want to avoid the busiest days, steer clear from Black Friday and the weekend before Christmas, which ends up being the two most hectic periods of time to go shopping. In addition, with not liking huge crowds, there is always time to online shop. With Christmas approaching, there are always new deals that emerge, or deals that replay the ones offered from Black Friday. Also, you can forget strenuous crowds when shopping online because there is never a rush when shopping by your lonesome.

In addition, another piece of advice would be to not pay for double shipping. You could ship the gift straight to the recipient instead of having the item shipped to you, then having it shipped again to the final destination. You could ask someone in the household to wrap a present for you to give to them before opening, whether you are shipping to your mom, dad, sister, brother, or any of your other family members. If this is not an option, think about having the retailer wrap the gifts for you before shipping. Paying for wrapping may still cost less than the cost of shipping an item twice.

When finishing up the shopping for this Christmas, you could start looking ahead in the future for the next Christmas as well. Right after Christmas, on December 26th or the week after, there are always amazing sales. Although you may feel the last thing you want to do is shop after the Christmas rush, stores often have the best sales after the holidays, some even better than the Black Friday deals. Most of these items will be perfectly good gifts for the next year. 

By following these tips, and shopping with these methods and at these certain points in the year, one could not only reach their financial goal for Christmas shopping, but do it with no trouble as well. When shopping with your friends or family, you should always take the time to appreciate the holidays, and you can easily do that by making a plan involving the ideas above. Happy shopping!

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