Fall play review

This past weekend Springfield High had their fall play. This year’s play was based on the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The play was directed by Breckyn Lyons, Katie George and Elise Whitworth. There were three opportunities to see the play- Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was able to go see it on Sunday and it was a great experience. 

Springfield High has a high amount of talented individuals so I was excited to see the play, and I was not disappointed. The main characters Ponyboy, Darry, Two-bit, Sodapop, Dallas and Johnny were played by Joy Brown, Annelise Abate, Brennen Boyer, Hayley Daggett, Joel Ryan and Elisabeth Sullivan respectively. The show was an hour and fifteen minutes long with a fifteen minute intermission. Because I saw the show on Sunday the cast had added a few one-liners to make the show their own. The additions did not affect the play at all, but made if more funny. 

Of course the actors were the ones who brought the characters to life, but we also need to acknowledge the stage crew and tech hands because without them, the play would not have been able to happen. The directors did a fantastic job at casting and the actors fit the roles properly. The person who surprised the audience the most though, was Joel Ryan. This was Joel’s first time in an SHS production and he was amazing. Do not get me wrong though, the whole cast was amazing and I could not picture anyone else playing them. 

If you have never seen a fall play or musical produced by Springfield High you should definitely try to make it sometime. Our next production will be Shrek: the Musical and it will happen sometime in the spring. Keep an eye out for dates because if it is anything like The Outsiders you won’t want to miss it!

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