Create new Thanksgiving traditions

Written by Lindsey Gietl

Thanksgiving Day is coming up, a strange holiday filled with excessive food and family members you have not seen in months. The fun thing about large family holidays is the different traditions you can do or come up with to love for years. As the day approaches here are some fun family traditions to try!  

  • Volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen with the family to give back. 
  • Make a new dish that no one has ever tried before. (This one can be a challenge) 
  • Have everyone write down what they are thankful on the table cloth and use it for future Thanksgivings 
  • Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together. 
  • Do a craft together.
  • Take some time for yourself before the family fun begins. 
  • Take a walk together and enjoy the weather

Thanksgiving is a good time to see family and spend time with them. If none of the ideas listed above spark your interest you can always just talk to them, ask for stories or just have a conversation. Talk with and be thankful for your family. 

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