New season of “The Crown”

This week Netflix released the new season of “The Crown,” a popular series that follows the life behind the scenes of Queen Elizabeth II’s upbringing and eventual reign. This new season has a completely different cast than the prior two seasons, as the show moves through the queen’s life. There are mixed reviews about this new season and of course the entirely new cast, but as usual, I have a few opinions I feel the need to share before I sit down and binge the new season.

As a longtime Anglophile, I have watched the first two seasons of “The Crown” more than I care to admit. I fell in love with its portrayal of humanity in the royals that the media often seems to forget about. I find the abstract concept of a monarchy romantic and intriguing, “The Crown” allows me to feel as though I am participating in the idea of a perfect one.

Not to mention the award-winning cast. The first two seasons featured Claire Foy and Matt Smith (my second favorite Doctor), to name a couple of the incredible actors on the show. The two gave amazing performances and Foy even won a Golden Globe for the show. Because of my deep appreciation for the original cast, I remain skeptical of the new season.

Reading reviews of the new season there are people on both sides of the spectrum. Some seem to find the new cast makes the show feel completely different than the one they fell in love with in the first place. But others feel that the change of cast was necessary in order for the show to follow a semi-realistic timeline of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

I for one am more than excited to watch the new season and wish I could have binged it the day it dropped on Netflix. I am trying to keep an open mind so as to fully enjoy the show and form an unbiased opinion- though I can admit that it is not my strong suit.

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