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With the recent arrival of Disney+, it seems like everyone has plans to watch “The Mandalorian” or “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” If you are, however, unable to splurge on a new streaming service, or simply uninterested in this one, I have a few recommendations of what to watch while everyone else is caught up in the Wonderful World of Disney. 

If you have Netflix:

There are hundreds of amazing shows on Netflix. Some of the original series’ they have available are truly incredible, while others make great guilty pleasures. 

  • “Atypical” is a relatively unknown show about a high schooler, Sam, who is living with autism. The show chronicles the journeys of him and his family, which are both amusing and dramatic at the same time. If you like comedies with serious twists, “Atypical” is the show for you.
  • “Queer Eye” is an excellent show. I know it is extremely popular, but I will preach the wonders of this show until everyone watches it. “Queer Eye” is fun to watch, but it definitely has emotional moments that will stick with you.
  • “Everything Sucks!” was a short-lived series involving the coming-of-age story of a group of high schoolers. The show was prematurely cancelled, but has since developed a cult following due to the quality of the series.

If you have Hulu:

Hulu is beginning to follow Netflix by releasing their own original series’, but the service also has a large repertoire that includes many great, previously established shows.

  • “Brooklyn 99” is known for its witty humor and wonderful cast. It’s seventh season will premiere on NBC and be added to Hulu in Feb. of 2020, but you can watch the first six seasons before then.
  • “ER” is an older medical show from the 1990s and 2000s. For fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” who have already watched the series five times, “ER” offers the same medical intensity with lovable characters and unique situations.
  • “Awkward” was on MTV from 2011 to 2016, and while it is pretty funny, it can also be very cringe-worthy at times. While the “awkward” factor is sometimes overdone, the high school uncomfortableness is part of what makes the show so enthralling.

If you do not have any streaming services:

Even if you do not have Netflix or Hulu, there are still some really good options for television out there. (If you do, however, only subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, some of these shows are available there as well.)

  • “Holiday Baking Championship” (Food Network) is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Bakers compete to make the best desserts and the results are usually interesting to say the least.
  • “Superstore” (NBC) is wildly funny. I was very hesitant to watch this, expecting another “funny” show with jokes that did not actually work, but “Superstore” never fails to make me laugh.
  • “9-1-1” (Fox) has many different aspects that work to keep things interesting. It focuses on Los Angeles first responders with some serious drama and a little bit of comedy mixed in as well.

If all your friends are making plans to cue up old movies and new shows on Disney+, look no further for ways to occupy your time. Even when you feel like you have watched all the good TV out there, there are always more shows you can watch that you may never have thought of.

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