Safety in Winter

Winter weather is probably one of the most stressful, yet exciting parts of the year. Most people enjoy sledding or building snowmen, but they most likely do not find it entertaining driving on the dangerous roads. Snow has already made its mark on several states throughout the country, so it is important to keep yourself informed on driving in these conditions. Some people are big fans of snow and the first snow of the year is always the most exciting, until you have to drive on the wintry roads. Driving on icy roads is scary, but there are ways to ensure your safety. 

These icy roads are often treacherous and sometimes you can not even see the ice on the roads. Snow and freezing cold temperatures have an effect on our streets. An entire layer of ice will form on the roads we have to take to school. Recently, the snow created an obstacle for me when I had to get to school. My entire block was covered in ice, so I basically slid my way out of the neighborhood. I was shocked to see that the main roads were not completely cleared and needed to be taken with caution. I was stopped at a light and I could not get my car to move over five mph or stay straight in the lane. The drive that normally takes me fifteen minutes took me 27 minutes. It was a very stressful morning drive.

These stressful morning drives can be made safer by using caution and ways to clear the roads of ice. Putting salt on the roads is a common way to create traction for cars. This will prevent cars from sliding and will help melt the ice. The workers who drive the ice trucks that drop the salt had to work three overtimes last week when it snowed. I respect these workers for working all night to try and make the roads safer. It also helps if people just avoid driving when the roads are bad. Only leave the house if it is completely necessary. If you do need to leave the house, drive slowly and beware of patches of ice. Even if the ice is not clearly visible, it could be black ice. Always drive with caution. If you do end up sliding, then turn your wheel towards the direction you are driving and do not slam on your brakes because this will cause your car to spin out. These are all ways to drive with caution or prevent accidents in the winter conditions. 

Driving in the winter is not fun, but it is important to know how to do it safely. Remember these tips when you are driving in these unsafe conditions.

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