College search is on!

Written by Brooke Thompson

Many students at the moment are spending their free time stressing over colleges and submitting their soon to be due applications. While these students are being pressured to find the right college and get everything done in time, they have to filter in different aspects such as their major and overall cost. These particular assets of college play important roles in the application and visiting process. Finding the right college for you is major to the experience you will undergo because you will be attending this specific college for the next four years of your life, enjoying your time is necessary.

When you are first considering different colleges and universities, first ask yourself who you want to become. There are many careers in the world and narrowing them down into which one you want to overtake is critical. To help, you could even take a career quiz online or through your school to see what careers are right for you or fit your personality type. Many colleges specialize in certain majors and finding a college that is specifically designed to your major could help figure out some colleges that you want to go to. This could also benefit you in the future because coming out of college with a particularly good education could aid you into obtaining jobs straight out of graduation. 

Not only should you consider your major to help you find the right college, but you should also consider where you want to be and what aspects of college fit your style. The size and location is very important to contemplate during this difficult process because you want to make sure you look over every aspect of the college experience. For example, your options would be a small, a medium, or a big student body when looking at where you would thrive the most. In addition, the campus atmosphere plays a significant role because it can greatly define one’s college experience. You need to focus and pay attention when visiting both their academic and social environments to become positive on whether or not you belong at the college or you could see yourself there in the future. When looking at colleges, also concentrate your attention on how close or far away the college is to home and whether or not you would be comfortable with the distance.

While debating these various subjects, also keep in mind what is specifically important to you. Whatever you want the most out of college is what you should especially zero in on within the school. Whether it is the available majors and classes or the campus atmosphere, search for what will work for you and what situation you will flourish in. Also during this questioning time, keep an open mind and talk to people who know you such as your teachers, friends, or family and ask if they could suggest colleges that might be a good fit for you. Even though it is a good plan to have an idea of where you want to end up, challenge your assumptions and feel free to test out every environment, just stay open to all the possibilities.

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