Smartest dogs

Written by Mackenzie Devlin

All different types of dogs are smart in their own way, but the Border Collie is considered the smartest. These dogs are able to learn voice commands and hand signals quickly. This dog has an extreme amount of energy and always will find something to entertain itself. Border Collies need constant jobs to do, so they will stay out of trouble. This breed never stops thinking and is always one step ahead of the owner. The stamina of this dog is incredible and is used for agility sports, sheepdog trials, disc dog, or dock diving. Usually, when these dogs are put into competitions they come out winning. This fast learning dog needs consistent activities to do to keep its mind focused and in shape.

The poodle is an easy trainable dog and is believed to be the second smartest dog. This breed is an impressive guard dog and is very obedient. The poodles intelligence allows them to be trained how to track, hunt, retrieve and obey. Like Border Collies, Poodles always find something to entertain themselves, which can lead to trouble. German Shepherds are specialized in many jobs as police dogs, guard dogs, service dogs and search-and-rescue dogs. They learn tasks quickly and obey commands the first time. This breed is very dependable and is always looking for a new task. These new tasks gives German Shepherds a purpose, which is important.

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