Dog spotlight: Kangal

The Kangal is a breed of large dog originating from the Sivas region in Turkey. These dogs are used as livestock guardians. These dogs are most prominent in Turkey because of their size, strength, temperament and appearance.  They are specifically suited for working in pairs and are used to take down large predators (bears, foxes and wolves). Their temperament also guarantees they will be gentle with livestock and aggressive toward predators. Around the 20th century because they can guard goats, sheep and cattle. 

The impressive working dogs are said to be related to American Mastiff and Bullmastiffs. They are also said to have the temperament of these dogs but only to a certain extent. Kangals are loyal to only one person and tend to be aggressive towards those they are not. They are also independent and always need to be working or they will become destructive. In order to train your Kangal, you have to start at a young age and it will be hard work as it needs to be consistent and firm, if you lax in your training even a little they will push you around. They need to have access to exercise all the time and you must deliberately exercise them a minimum of 60 minutes a day. 

Kangals can range anywhere from 90-145 pounds and are an impressive 28-32 inches in height. Despite their size, they can live up to 15 years with minimum health problems. Health problems they may experience consist of benign tumors, entropion and hip dysplasia. If you have the money, live somewhere with plenty of space and can be a firm disciplinary then this dog might be for you. Like all dogs, it is recommended that you do more research on them before you decide to get one because they are unique and are different from the average house pet. 

Photo Curtesy of kangal dog town

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