Joker Review

Written by Lindsey Gietl

The Joker movie had a lot to live up to after the promising trailer showed a haunting film with the Jokers life portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. The film itself was incredibly depressing, which was not surprising knowing the background of the DC universe and their lack of sugar coating on most films. The film was a melancholy two hours full of violence and haunting silences. The movie showed the Jokers slow building of his breaking point very well, as the film continued you could tell by the way he saw the world became darker and more violent. 

Going into the film most moviegoers know that the Joker is a villain in the DC world, yet the film made you pity his past and understand why he went crazy. Most of the things he went through in the movie has to do with the bullying he went through on a daily basis. His mental health was a large factor in why people harassed him and were overall so cruel to him. The Joker himself was never really cruel in the beginning, it was just the harassment from the outside world. 

The Joker was overall a fantastic film with a great plot focused on a complex character. The movie is definitely worth seeing even if you do not like the DC comics. The film will give you a new perspective on the Joker and his insane mind.

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