Fall festivities

Written by Priya Patel

The leaves are changing, the air is crispy, pumpkins are everywhere and the stores have their Christmas decorations out. This can only mean but one thing. Fall is upon us. Although the actual season began on September 21, the weather has been hot and humid or cold and desolate. In Springfield, the summer and spring are riddled with fun activities to do in one’s free time. However, with winter soon approaching and fall in full swing, the amount of activities drops significantly. Here are some cheap, fun things to do with your friends this fall and winter!

When the weather is still bearable…

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch and take cute fall pictures! Totally insta-worthy!
  2. Have a bonfire and make s’mores. The best conversations happen around the fire!
  3. Make a big leaf pile and jump around in it. If your hair isn’t covered in leaves, you did it wrong.

As the weather gets chillier…

  1. Bake pie! Pumpkin, apple, cherry, it doesn’t matter as long as its pie!
  2. Host a game night! Board games, word games, whatever works. Just have fun!
  3. Go out for coffee or hot chocolate! I suggest Pease’s/Bunn Gourmet.

Once the holiday season is in full swing…

  1. Drive around town and look at all the Christmas lights and decorations! If you’re looking for extravagance, the Reserves in Chatham or Leland Grove knows what’s up!
  2. Watch Thanksgiving/Christmas movies and episodes! These will really get you in the spirit of things!
  3. Organize a “Friendsgiving” and show how grateful you are for your best pals!
  4. Decorate the most extra Christmas tree! Use store bought ornaments or DIY them! Go big or go home with this one folks!

The best part about fall and winter are the great opportunities to make some memories with the loved ones in your life. Try out these fun ideas this year and remember to enjoy every second!

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