Senators prepare for playoffs

Written by Emily Powers

It may be a little chilly outside this weekend so make sure you bundle up and prepare for Saturday night’s big football game! Head up to Lemont, Illinois for a great game starting at 5:00 p.m. as our Springfield High School football team takes on Lemont High School. The boys ended their fantastic season with a 7-2 record. The varsity team won Friday’s away conference game against Jacksonville with a score of 50-24 The team is ranked 82nd overall in the state, which is a huge improvement from previous seasons. 

Go out and watch quarterback Rashad Rochelle and our amazing offense and defense with another great game. Rochelle, who is only a sophomore, has made 71 complete passes throwing 1,394 yards this season. Senior Steven Boucher has had 24 tackles and senior Taryn Wallace has accumulated 448 yards. Our defense has made 652 tackles this season and 7 interceptions. The team this year has made history, beating the school down the street for the second year in a row. 

SHS is known for great school spirit, so going to the game and showing it off is a great way to pump everyone up! Pack the stands to support the team and cheer them on. The other team has two players that will be attending Division 1 schools, but Rochelle stated “The team is very confident in this game. We know how most of the players play.” If the team wins the game this Saturday they will most likely face Glenwood High School in round two to get revenge.

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