Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is all the rage nowadays. Companies and individuals alike are branching into alternative ways to create clothes that do not add to the growing climate crisis. But you may be asking: what is sustainable fashion? Sustainable clothes are made from environmentally-friendly textiles while seeking to minimize waste throughout the supply chain. These sustainable clothes have been around for years, but have not really taken off until recently. 

As the world demands a solution to the ever-present climate crisis, companies are beginning to use recycled fabrics and declare their runways carbon-neutral. This change in the way clothes are made directly reflects a growing demand among consumers for more than just fashion. According to a recent study, over a third of consumers reported “actively switching from their preferred brand to another” because the latter showed better environmental and social values.

It is a necessary shift, but not a plausible one for many people. Sustainable fashion is more often than not much more expensive than clothes that disregard environmental factors, meaning it is not always possible for people to make the change. Additionally, some experts have even stated that so-called sustainable fashion may not be as environmentally-conscious as it is presented. The Leadership Global Fashion Agenda has said in order for a company to be truly sustainable, it must have complete transparency throughout the supply chain, safeguarding workers’ rights, becoming more energy-efficient and reusing textiles. The forum stresses picking only one of these issues is not doing enough. Most companies would have to change nearly every aspect of the way they do business to become completely environmentally-friendly. 

Many companies are willing to start using sustainable products in order to cater to a growing demand among consumers for environmentally-conscious fashion, but because of the severity of the ongoing climate crisis, drastic action must be taken to make a significant change in the fashion industry and the world.

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