Soup: fall’s greatest gift

Fall is now in full swing; leaves are falling, pumpkins are waiting to be picked and, most importantly, temperatures are getting cooler. People like fall temperatures for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the lack of mosquitos and gnats, while others look forward to walks through corn mazes and pumpkin patches. Personally, my favorite part of the cool weather is the option to eat warm foods that make you uncomfortable in the summer.

There are numerous warm foods like spaghetti, pot pie and even pizza, but for me, one cool weather food in particular stands out: soup. Soup is the best food due in part to its diversity, but also due to the fact it always tastes good. 

There are millions of types of soups, so there is something available for every mood. If you want something classic and comforting, then chicken noodle is the soup for you. If you are ready to spice things up and put a new twist on an old favorite, try making your own chili. Broccoli cheese can please anyone with its creaminess (and the fact that it includes the best vegetable in the world as a main ingredient). Tomato soup (while not one of my personal favorites) goes great with grilled cheese. For people who want to go crazy on Taco Tuesday, try making taco or tortilla soup. 

If you and your friends or family need a fun dish to spice up the same old lunch or dinner, try looking online to find recipes for new soups. I love soup and I hope you can learn to love it as much as me (if you do not already). Next time you are stuck in a rut and wondering what to eat, do not forget about fall’s greatest gift. Soup is, and always will be, the food world’s extraordinary invention, undeserved by us mere mortals.

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