Downfall of Amazon?

Written by Brooke Thompson

Amazon and Jeff Bezos have been receiving criticism on a comment that Jeff Bezos made recently. After Jeff Bezos was made the richest man in the world, Bill Gates scheduled lunch with him through his assistant on Tuesday or Wednesday. When the assistant told Bezos both days were open, he issued a command to make the lunch on Thursday because he taught all of him employees to be “vocally self-critical.” This statement started to scare the employees because it was such a willful act of vanity and could lead to bad signs. Amazon is America’s second largest private employer next to Walmart, according to The New Yorker. Many people over time have spoken out against Amazon and have proven that the company can lead to disaster. Bernie Sanders once stated, “Five hundred thousand Americans are sleeping out on the street, and yet companies like Amazon, that made billions in profits, did not pay one nickel in federal income tax.” This exhibits how private companies like Amazon have faults at times. Not only did Bernie Sanders cause an uprising, but The Federal Trade Commission and the European Union are pursuing investigations against Amazon for antitrust violations. Also new organizations have tracked Amazon’s deals of illegal or deadly products and have left open to many how Amazon’s fast delivery options have led those to speed down streets and intersections, getting into a car wrecks. Some of the cases have even mentioned severe accidents, involving people getting injured and even killed. On the other side of the spectrum, Jeff Bezos is not letting anything phase him, continuing to form new ideas to better his company. Jeff Bezos has a lot to be proud of as well, he and his company have spent seven hundred million dollars to train its workers in such subjects as coding and robotics. Jeff Bezos had also said according to the New Yorker that this is a problem only the government can solve, by changing the economy. The amount of effort and care Jeff Bezos puts into his private company is unmatched and even though there are faults in the company, Amazon is one of the most accomplished organizations in the country.

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