History of Cane Corso

Corsos are a large breed dog whose ancestors were used as war dogs for centuries. These dogs were used the most with the Roman army wearing harnesses with spikes on them to run under calvaries in the midsts of war. They were known for their extreme ferocity and were even used in arenas to fight lions, bears and other animals. 

They have also been used by Italians for years as they protected their farms and cattle and hunted game. The dogs were known for their astonishing agility (considering the size of the dog) power courage and ability to track. The animals they would hunt include stages boars and bears. 

As the hunting game declined, Corsos were used as companions who also worked as guard dogs and protected their owners farm. Unfortunately, with the change in Italian agriculture these dogs almost became extinct. With the help of dog lovers, several breeding programs were put into effect in the mid-1970s and the Corso breed was revived. 

The Corso was not introduced to America until the 1980s and they were immediately recognized as family companions and guard dogs. If Corsos interest you, then here are some things you should know before you decide to get one. 

Firstly, the Corso is a very stubborn, headstrong dog, so if you want one you must be able to be a dominant owner or they will be a handful to live with. Once they are trained and as they get older, they tend to become more aloof so it should not cause too much of a problem. These dogs are large as well so you have to ensure you have enough room for them. Corsos are very active so they need to be walked/worked with daily. If you do not have time for that then this is not the dog for you. 

If you are not a fan of barking then look into these dogs as they are normally quiet and they will not bark unless they need your attention quickly or there is a threat. These dogs are also very loyal and will form strong bonds with their primary owners. Some Corsos do not really show affection and would rather sit in the same room as you while others will be in your face begging for attention. 

Corsos were used as babysitters earlier on and while they are good with kids, do not leave them unattended with a child. The Corso tends to be good with kids wanting to play with them, but also minding their large size in proportion to the child. These dogs are great family dogs as they will be fiercely loyal and protective. 

These dogs are very expensive averaging about $1500 dollars a year. If your dog is not healthy then it could be more. Speaking of health, these dogs have general health problems like hip-dysplasia, cherry eyes, bloating, as well as other issues usually associated with large dogs. 

Overall, Corsos are very reliable companions and are great as working dogs. They may be a little stubborn, but the companionship you get out of it is worth it. 

Courtesy of SenzaTempoCaneCorso’s Instagram

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