Apple’s newest phone

The newest addition to the Apple collection is the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11. These new iPhones come out after the 2018 release of the iPhone XR. These new professional phones supposedly have pro cameras, display and performance. With these incredible advertisements one might wonder: Are these new phones worth your time? What makes these iPhones better than the previous models? 

Both of the new iPhones bring new features to the iPhone family. The new phone feature for the iPhone 11 Pro includes a triple-camera system. The three cameras include the ultra wide, wide and telephoto lenses. The iPhone 11 just has a dual-camera system consisting of an ultra wide and wide lense. All other iPhones have a single camera. Consider this camera quality when you are thinking about the amazing pictures you want to take on your phone. These iPhones may be able to step-up your Instagram profile game.  

Another feature that makes the new iPhones better is the amount of video playback. The iPhone 11 Pro has twenty hours of video playback and the iPhone 11 has seventeen hours of video playback. Previous iPhones only contained fourteen to sixteen hours of video playback. Personally, I believe more is better so you might as well just go with the iPhone 11 Pro. 

The new phones’ water resistance has also improved. To be exact, the iPhone 11 Pro is resistant up to a depth of four meters for 30 minutes. This is four times as deep as previous iPhones. The iPhone 11 is resistant up to depths of two meters for 30 minutes. You can decide whether you want to test these statistics, but personally, I will be keeping my phones on dry land. 

Now the biggest kicker in your decision might be the price. To purchase the iPhone 11 Pro you would be paying $24.95 per month or if you are looking to trade-in your old phone it will cost $599. The iPhone 11 starts at $16.62 per month and a trade-in would cost $399. Of course, these prices could differ when considering various factors.

Depending on what you are looking for in a new phone, you can use these aspects to work in your favor. Hopefully, if you do decide to take the plunge and make a new purchase, you will be happy with your new iPhone. 

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