SHG rivalry

Written by Lilly Wright

For as long as any current or former Springfield High School student can remember, the “school down the street” has always been our biggest rival when it comes to sports and extracurriculars, this includes volleyball, basketball, etc., and we can’t forget about the sacred Spirit Award given at the end of the 3-day City Boys Basketball Tournament held in January each year.

For the first time since 1999, SHS made a historic win over the SHG football team on September 28, 2018. We partied like it was 1999 according to Channel1450 and the SJR newspaper. The numbers 49-41 will forever be remembered by Springfield High School students as the glorious “dub” that we took over them. These numbers were later used in cheers directed at SHG at City Tournament and other sporting events.

During the 2018-2019 boys basketball season, SHS beat SHG in the Boys City Basketball Tournament, but during regular season play, SHG beat us. The Girls City Basketball Tournament is a SHS favorite. Our girls varsity basketball team holds a five year streak of winning over SHG for the first place title. We will have to wait for this upcoming basketball season to see how our boys and girls do when it comes to the tournaments. 

As for our student section, we have won the Spirit Award many times in years past, although at the most recent 2019 tournament, Southeast High School won, whether they actually deserved it or not. But previously, we were awarded the Spirit Award due to our fantastic student section. (It also helps that SHG continuously breaks certain rules and ends up being disqualified.)

Springfield High School and Sacred Heart Griffin played head to head this past Friday, October 4. Our SHS football players showed everyone what they have when we took the victory over SHG 42-54. The football players worked hard and deserve every ounce of praise that they are receiving. 

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