Stopping elephant endangerment

Written  by Mackenzie Devlin

Almost all elephants across the world are close to becoming extinct due to human interference. Humans are causing these innocent animals to be endangered, so the human population needs to help stop this. The illegal killing of elephants and destruction of their habitat has led to their population becoming high risk. People can help by not buying ivory and buying elephant-friendly coffee and wood.

Humans are illegally killing elephants for their ivory tusks and selling them for a large amount of money. These innocent elephants are killed, removed of their tusks and then their bodies are left to rot. The elephant’s natural habitat is also being wiped. These animals are unable to roam and search for food that they need to survive. Elephants can only go so long without food which leads to starvation. With their natural habitats being destroyed they are left to travel far distances to look for food. Soon, they will get weak and unable to travel. The human population needs to help the elephant population grow.

With a little help from the human population elephant endangerment could decrease. Do not buy, sell, or wear anything ivory. New ivory is banned but antique ivory is legal to purchase or sell. Ivory has been used for jewelry, dominoes, fans, piano keys and carved trinkets. Ignoring antique ivory is a great way for dealers to understand that the material is not appreciated and it will reduce the deaths of elephants by humans. Coffee and timber crops are grown in plantations that destroy elephants habitats. Try to buy Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber and certified fair trade coffee to help save elephant habitats. 

Small actions can help save these innocent animals. People probably don’t even know they are endangering elephants when buying certain products. Try to stay away from ivory, coffee, and timber products that cause harm to elephants. Stand up and make a change in the community to save the elephants.

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